About Us

Hello and welcome to Vintage Photo Repair.

My name is Paul Benfield and I am the founder of the company. Having spent 30 years working in a creative photographic environment from dark rooms, film processing through to the digital era, I have gained a wealth of experience in conventional photographic retouching, manipulation and restoration.


My Experience

I have worked with some very talented individuals and have been involved in many prestigious advertising campaigns including, Ford cars, Jaguar, Virgin Records and Lancome cosmetics.


A Passion Of Mine

Photographic restoration has always been a passion of mine. In recent years I have been commissioned by many organisations including geneologists, local sports clubs to family and friends who wish to retain their photographic memories.

Apart from the enjoyment I get from carrying out this kind of work, it is the amazing and sometimes emotional response I receive from people when they see the finished results that makes this such an enjoyable process.

Here to Help

This website has been designed to try and make it as easy as possible for you to place your order with us but if you feel any of your photos that you would like restored do not fall into one of the 3 categories set out on the site, please feel free to email me any image for a free estimate and advice.

I do hope you use my service and enjoy the results that you receive.