Pink Limo Retouching Project

Pink Limo RetouchVintage photo repair’s website is full of useful information and clearly lays out the services that are available. We offer a three level photo repair service that covers most of the normal restoration requests that we receive. Level 1 is for photos that have a small amount of damage, scratches or just need a general enhancement. Level 2 is for photos with heavier damage or scratches that require more retouching and a detailed enhancement. Finally, our level 3 service is for photos with extensive damage, scratches, tears and rips and in need of an extensive enhancement.
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Repair To Ripped Photo Project

Lady Sitting Old And New

First Contact

I was recently contacted by a customer and  asked if there was any hope of repairing and restoring this classic photo.  I could tell straight away that the customer was not very optimistic that this could be achieved. We had a brief discussion about the damage and I assured them that I was confident of a good end result. It is totally understandable  why some people would think that a photo with this kind of damage could possibly be a lost cause;  the photo was ripped straight across the central area, which in this case was to my advantage as the rip was across an area that could successfully be retouched and blended without too much trouble.

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Image Restoration Project For Magic Brothers Pt1


I recently had the pleasure of being commissioned to carry out an extensive image restoration to some old photographs that are to be used for a forthcoming album release.

The album is the work of a band named Magic Brothers, who are Daniel and Nick Woodgate. Some of you may recognise the name Daniel Woodgate AKA Woody from pop ska legends Madness. [Read more...]