Pink Limo Retouching Project

Pink Limo RetouchVintage photo repair’s website is full of useful information and clearly lays out the services that are available. We offer a three level photo repair service that covers most of the normal restoration requests that we receive. Level 1 is for photos that have a small amount of damage, scratches or just need a general enhancement. Level 2 is for photos with heavier damage or scratches that require more retouching and a detailed enhancement. Finally, our level 3 service is for photos with extensive damage, scratches, tears and rips and in need of an extensive enhancement.

On our FAQ page, we answer some of the inquiries that we receive from our customers. One of the most frequently put to us is “can an object or person be added or removed from a photo?”.  In a lot of cases this can be achieved but we will always ask to see the photo before we give a definite decision and an estimate of the cost for the work involved.  Another question we ask would be if there are any other photos available that have been taken at the same time and location. These can often be useful as we can sometimes incorporate elements from the secondary image to achieve the end result required on the original photo .

When we were approached by our customer about the project shown here, we were asked if we could remove the men in hi-vis jackets, soldiers and the barriers in the background. We asked the question about any secondary images but were told that there were no other photos taken at this location.  Fortunately with this particular project, we were happy that there was enough information on the original shot for us to be able to remove the unwanted elements that had been identified in the customer’s brief.  As you can see we were able to use the trees and bushes to remove the men and barriers.

This was achieved by making a duplicate image from the original shot and takings sections from the duplicate to overlay onto the original. These were then carefully blended together using the clone stamp toolMenu  and the healing brush  in Photoshop. These tools enable you to use different brush sizes and change the softness of the edges of the brush itself. The clone stamp tool will copy a point from the image that you set and repaint it over the section of the image that you want to remove. This gave us a result that was very close to completion, but a little work with the healing brush completes the job that bit better. This particular tool is a more intelligent version of the clone stamp; it automatically tries to blend the chosen area into the destination point of the image; we also added a little bit more roof to the limo on the left hand side just to make the roof look more even.

In this case, the photo is of the customer’s daughter standing in front of a pink limo, shortly before setting off to celebrate a special occasion with a group of friends. As can quite often happen when we are taking photos, we are so concerned about the main subject that the background can be forgotten until we look at the shot later.  As this was a reminder of such a special day, the customer wanted to make the photo look as nice as possible. The customer contacted us after we had sent the image back to him after completion to tell us that he was “Absolutely over the moon” with the final result. He has also sent us three more photos to have some clean up and enhancement work done to them.

We all have photos in our collection that for one reason or another make us think ” if only that was or wasn’t there ” or ” I wish that person or object wasn’t there in the background “.  There is lots that can be achieved with your photos, whether they are classic black and whites, colour, old or new . Our aim is to make them look exactly as you would like them to. If you have a photo that you would like us to look at for you, we would be delighted to give any advice and a free estimate for the work needed.


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