Repair To Ripped Photo Project

Lady Sitting Old And New

First Contact

I was recently contacted by a customer and  asked if there was any hope of repairing and restoring this classic photo.  I could tell straight away that the customer was not very optimistic that this could be achieved. We had a brief discussion about the damage and I assured them that I was confident of a good end result. It is totally understandable  why some people would think that a photo with this kind of damage could possibly be a lost cause;  the photo was ripped straight across the central area, which in this case was to my advantage as the rip was across an area that could successfully be retouched and blended without too much trouble.

Repair and Enhance

Obviously the major work involved in this project was to repair the rip, and it is crucial when undertaking this sort of work that the photo is scanned in at a good size and the correct DPI. This is to ensure having the best possible chance of carrying out a level 3 restoration process to the highest standard possible. Also, before I scanned the photo I carefully made sure that the two ripped edges were as flat as possible, this was to ensure that as much of the detail was visible which would give me more to work with.

Firstly I visually matched up the two halves and then started to retouch the edges together, carefully lining up and blending the corresponding areas. This was the most time consuming part of the project but I’m sure you will agree that the time was well spent. After this was completed I then turned my attention to the general cleaning up of the image by removing scratches and imperfections. All that was then left for me to do was to alter the contrast and remove the slight brown cast that the original photo had.

The Outcome

The customer was absolutely delighted with the fact that we had managed to not only restore the photo but also enhance the image. Sometimes we get jobs sent to us where the damage to a photo is a lot less than this but because of the nature and positioning of the damage, it becomes more problematic to solve. As we are all too aware, no two jobs are the same.

If you have any old photos  that you would like restored please look at our repair options page or if you would like any advice on which level of restoration you need please email us at or call 07857344984.

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